Friday, 27 July 2012

Need a Thermomix? Want to make Gaytime goes Nuts?

Did you catch the extensive use of my favorite kitchen toy in the MasterChef Australia finale? Congratulations to Andy, Australia's new Masterchef for 2012! In the third and final round, Julie and Andy cooked Christine Mansfield's, amazing desert, Gaytime goes nuts. It looked like they had a blast in the kitchen.

I've had numerous inquiries about demo's recently! Thank you!! So just to keep you updated; the current price for a Thermomix in Switzerland is 1290.- SFr, (with an extra 100.- discount for wedding or births). And until the end of August, if you host a demo and invite at least 3 guests, and buy a Thermomix, you will also have the option of purchasing a second complete bowl set (as well the extra bowl, this includes blades, steamer & butterfly) for 50% off the regular price (instead of 338.-, you pay 169.-). This is a brilliant deal! I love my second bowl, it's undoubtedly the next best thing to having a second Thermomix.

I'm busy, 

this is where I am most of these days, 
but I think I can see a glimmer of light at the end of what has been a very long dark tunnel. So if you want to see a Thermomix in action, contact me and we'll see if we can arrange something. If I can't organize something, one of my colleagues will be able to help you.

How to contact me:
FaceBook: Thermomixer in Switzerland
Phone: 078 853 89 56

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