Friday, 12 September 2014

The new Thermomix TM5 is here!

I'm so excited about the new Thermomix model TM5. It does everything the TM31 does and more. I wasn't so thrilled about the "guided cooking" option when I heard about it, but now after using it several times, I love it. It's ideal for inexperienced and budding young cooks or if you feel lazy e.g., if you arrive home late from work and your grey matter needs some down time.

The automatic lid takes some getting used to but I'd say it's a bit like having an automatic door versus a door with a handle.There are lots of pro and con listed on different web sites, so I'm not going to make an extensive list here. A couple of notable advantages is that the bowl is 10% bigger. This translates to 200 ml more space. The varoma is also larger. It's definitely quieter and the motor also has a faster reaction time.

What I don't like: it's a bit bulkier and heavier than the TM31. We used to take our TM31 on ski holidays, but I'm not so sure that the TM5 will be coming with us.
The TM31 is brilliant for the sight impaired, this one is not so user friendly. They would require a Siri app, so Thermomix headquarters, as I know you read all things TM related; this is something to work on for the next model.

If you're in Switzerland, feel free to contact me to ask questions or to set up a demo, either with me or one of my colleagues. 
Phone: 078 853 8956
Price: 1395  1275 SFr

UPDATE! NEW price, effective for all orders received after 15th January 2015: 1275 SFr

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Swiss Grain free (gluten free) carrot cake

This is a Swiss Thermomix recipe, which I've adapted for gluten and grain free diets. 

Gluten (grain free) carrot cake

300 g whole organic almonds
400 g organic carrots, peeled and cut into quarters or thirds
300 g coconut sugar (or sugar of your choice)
peel of 1 organic lemon
4 large organic eggs
80 g arrowroot flour (or 25 g coconut flour)
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
2 tsp cream of tartar
pinch of Himalayan salt (or sea salt)

Preheat oven to 200 C. Grease and flour (use arrowroot flour) a 26 inch springform pan. Put almonds in the Thermomix bowl, Speed 10, 15 sec. Transfer almonds to a clean bowl.
Place sugar and lemon peel into the Thermomix bow, Speed 10, 30 sec.
Add carrots to sugar mixture, Speed 5, for 2 - 3 sec.
Add almonds, eggs, arrowroot flour, bicarbonate soda, cream of tartar and salt, Speed 7, 10 sec.
Transfer mixture to the cake pan. Place the cake in the middle of the oven, turn down to 160 C, and bake for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, turn oven back up to 180 C. Continue baking for 30 to 40 minutes.
Cool on a cake rack.

We squeeze fresh lemon juice over the cake before serving. ENJOY!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Waffles - a Paleo, wheat and grain free Thermomix recipe, inspired by Maria Emmerich.

This is the first day of the New Year and I wanted waffles for breakfast. Naturally they needed to be wheat and grain free. I'd seen a recipe in the latest Maria Emmerich's book The Art of Healthy Eating - Savory, for waffles that I wanted to try. Her recipe calls for Jay Robb protein or egg white powder, which I didn't have, but I had at least 7 or 8 egg whites in the fridge left over from a custard that I'd made the night before. So it was time to experiment. Actually I was pretty happy with how they turned out, so this recipe goes in my "to keep" file. I don't know how often I'll have 7 egg whites floating around, so I may need to source egg protein powder, when I next make these.

Thanks to Clever Cook for the tip on grinding the psyllium seed husks. I've used the husks for making bread and cakes and it works, but I suspect that what we buy here in Switzerland are already partly ground or that they're the baby husks. For this recipe I ground the husks to a fine powder in my Thermomix, and it worked beautifully. Clever Cook mentions in her post that some people are allergic to psyllium dust and suggests placing a piece of paper towel between the lid and the measuring cup (MC) to reduce airborne particles, during the grinding. It's a good tip to remember when milling grains, such as spelt or rye, or sugar.

Psyllium seed husks, before grinding

Paleo (wheat and grain free) waffles  - a Thermomix recipe

2 Tbps psyllium seed husk powder (grind approximately 4 to 5 Tbsp psyllium seed husks, speed 10, 1 min)
1/2 cup coconut flour
1 Tbsp or 1 pkt of baking powder  
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 cup egg whites (7 to 8 egg whites)
4 eggs
1 to 2 Tbsp coconut blossom sugar or erythritol, (optional)
1 cup almond milk (or milk of preference)
55g butter or coconut oil, melted


Grind the psyllium seed husks, speed 10, 1 min.
Insert butterfly, add dry ingredients, egg whites and eggs. Turn onto speed 3, add the milk and melted butter or coconut oil until combined, 40 to 60 sec. 
Turn on waffle iron. Leave mixture stand for 5 minutes.
When the waffle iron is very hot, ladle in the mixture taking care not to overfill it. 
Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, (cooking time will depend on your waffle iron, so check after 2 minutes).

Waffle mixture

Waffles - 3 minutes

Hmmm, note the jam... so ok, no today was not a sugar free day. Tomorrow perhaps I'll do better.....

These waffles are softer than the regular wheat ones, but putting them in the toaster helps "crunch" them up some. Either way, they're delicious, plus they're gluten free, wheat free, grain free and high in protein. Perfect way to start the day!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Upside down Orange Cake

Upside down Orange Cake

inspired by Donna Hay, gluten free and adapted for Thermomix


Sticky Topping
160 ml water
250g erythritol (a sugar alcohol which can found in health food stores or the BIO section of large supermarkets) / if you want a more caramel topping, try coconut blossom or nectar sugar, and if you're not so worried about the glycemic index of your sugar you could use Rapadurra 
3 large oranges (preferably organic), washed, dried and thinly sliced
1 or 2 vanilla beans, split lengthwise and seeds scraped

For the Cake Batter
120g almonds
180g erythritol (Coconut nectar sugar or Rapadura)
60g honey
40g coconut flour 
10g psyllium seed husk powder (I tried this again, and it's so so... much better when the husks are ground to a powder. Do this at speed 9 or 10 for 1 minute in your Thermomix. Tip from Sarah at CLEVER COOK, place a piece of kitchen paper between the hole of the lid and the measuring cap to minimize the psyllium dust floating around in your kitchen)
4 tsp baking powder
150g butter
6 large eggs
60g almond milk (or coconut milk, rice milk)


Topping - do this first
In a large ovenproof pan (2.5 L), combine water, erythritol, oranges, vanilla beans/seeds, and place on medium heat, stirring until erythritol has dissolved. Cook on medium to low heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove from heat.

Cake Batter
Preheat oven to 160C.
Place almonds into Thermomix bowl and mill for 10 sec/speed 7. 
Add remaining ingredients into Thermomix bowl. Mix for 30-40 sec/speed 7, or until well combined. 
Spread batter over the oranges, spreading the mixture to the edges of the pan. 
Bake for 30 to 40 minutes, (cooking time depends on the pan size).
After 5-10 minutes, turn upside down onto a a large plate.
Allow to cool and serve with warm coconut custard.

Coconut custard

25 g cornflour (increase to 30g for a thicker custard)
60 g erythritol (or rapadura)
500g coconut milk/coconut cream mixture

Place cornflour and sugar into Thermomix bowl, mill 10 sec/speed 10.
Add milk and cook 100 C, 7 to 8 min/ speed 4.

Enjoy..........without feeling too guilty.....

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Easy grain free five seed bread (coconut flour and psyllium seed husks) Thermomix recipe

One of our daughters has been suffering from intestinal problems for a couple of years. She suspects that it's linked to gluten. So that and my steadily increasing weight gain inspired me to read The Wheat Belly. Even though I don't agree with everything he says, I've decided that restricting wheat, grains and sugar from our diet is worthy of an attempt. Here are some in depth reviews of Wheat Belly; 1234, which outline the pros and cons of Davis's weight loss premise.

In the last few weeks I've tried several gluten and grain free bread recipes. After many so-lah-lah attempts from recipe books and web sites, I decided to convert one of my favorite recipes (it's the Five Seed Bread in the Aussie Everyday Cooking.... for every family book) to a grain free bread. And after a few trial and error masterpieces, I've come up with a recipe that works. The amount of liquid may vary slightly depending on the type of coconut flour you use. I found my coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut oil and coconut sugar in Alnatura in Weil am Rhein, Germany. If you're in Kanton Aargau, you'll find the psyllium seed husks at Bio-Peter in Lenzburg.

The recipe below makes 3 to 4 small'ish loaves, I usually freeze 2. The crumb of this bread is perfect for sandwiches and it also toasts well.

Coconut flour


Psyllium seed husks

Seedy grain free bread

IN RED: changes/improvement 


80g  (1/2 cup) Coconut flour
60g (3/4 cup) Psyllium seed husks (for a softer bread, grind the husks speed 10, 1 minute to a POWDER)                                                          
25g Chia seeds
25g Sesame seeds
25g Pumpkin seeds
25g Linseeds
25g Poppy seeds
10 to 20g Coconut sugar (or honey) (OPTIONAL)
2 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
400 g water  or coconut water/milk  or almond milk. / After lots of experimenting I prefer to use water, it makes the bread lighter.
3 large eggs
2 tsp baking powder / NB: for lighter fluffier bread, use up to 4 tsp baking powder. (1 pkt)
1 tsp salt (if you like salt, add 1.5  to 2 tsp)

  1. Pre-heat oven to 200 C.
  2. Grind the Psyllium seed husks for 1 min, speed 10. 
  3. Add all dry ingredients into the Thermomix bowl, 
  4. Mix on speed 6, 10 sec.
  5. Add the liquid ingredients, work as quickly as possible here.
  6. Mix for 15 sec on speed 7.
  7. Add more water if necessary, the dough should not be too dense and dry, the amount of liquid needed does depend on the brand or type of coconut flour being used.
  8. Knead for 2 minutes
  9. Shape in loaves or balls for rolls, Loaves: sprinkle with seeds. Rolls: roll in seeds (e.g., sesame seeds)
  10. Place on a paper lined tray and bake in the oven for 30 to 35 minutes (depending on the size of the loaves). Allow to cool completely on a wire rack before cutting.

This was day 4, toasted and served with guacamole and baba ganoush.
Bon app!

Update Feb 2013:

This is how the bread looks if you double the amount of baking powder (see changes to the original recipe in red above). I also omitted the poppy seeds, and increased the other seeds.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Green smoothies

Green Smoothies

I'm usually most productive if I start my day with a green smoothie. I'm not a big breakfast person, but I've found that if I drink a smoothie before I leave the house, I can resist having the morning "Gipfeli " on my way to the lab. I make enough for breakfast and to sip on during the day when my energy levels are low. Here's a recipe that I adapted from various books and web sites:

Green Smoothie


2 Tbs Chia seeds
2 Tbs Linseeds
1-2 cm piece of ginger, peeled 
2-3 dates (seeds removed) or any other sweetener such as erythritol or coconut nectar  (optional) 
Frozen pineapple, (about 1/4 to 1/3 of a whole pineapple, cut into 2 cm pieces before freezing)
1 orange, peeled and cut into eighths 
1-2 large handfuls of greens (baby spinach, kale, bok choy or romaine lettuce)
1 tray of ice cubes (filtered water)
100 - 150 ml filtered water or coconut milk
1-2 tsp coconut oil 

  1. Place the seeds in the TM bowl, and process on speed 10 for 10 sec
  2. Add ginger and dates, and process on speed 10 for 5 sec
  3. Add remaining ingredients and process on speed 10 for 1.30 to 2.00 minutes.
  4. Pour into a glass and enjoy. Keep the remainder in a Thermos for a boost for later.

Note: Any fruit can be used, apples, peaches, berries are great. To limit the morning stress, I try to prepare my fruit in advance. Just wash, peel, cut and freeze the fruit in zip-lock bags. You'll also have a stock for Fruity Dream (Sorbet).

 A green smoothie and a cup of Crio BrĂ¼ - the perfect way to begin the day!