Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Our morning fruit smoothie and linseed (omega-3) fix by Thermomix

I try to make us all a fruit smoothie for breakfast, adding a handful of linseeds for our daily dose of omega -3 fatty acids. More on omega-3 here.

Ingredients: for 3 - 4 large glasses of juice

30 - 40 g  linseeds or about 1 large spoon per person (I usually use a mixture of brown and golden linseeds)
fruit (washed and chopped), (about 2 pieces per person or if using berries allow a large handful per person)
8 - 10 ice cubes
approximately 200 -300 g water
raw sugar (optional)

Process linseeds on speed 9 for 40-50 seconds. Add fruit, ice and sugar, and blend for 30 seconds on speed 10. Add water and blend for around 30 seconds more on speed 7-8.

Linseeds promote bowel callesthetics and favor the "lean microbiota" versus the "obese microbiota" (Ley and Turnbaugh - Bacteroidetes are preferable to Firmicutes in our intestinal microflora).  If you're in Switzerland and you're looking for information on IBD, here's a great site (SWISS IBD cohort study).

But it's never to late to start being pro-active against IBD. A daily dose of raw linseeds whizzzed up in the Thermomix with seasonal fruit provides an inexpensive source of omega-3 and promotes the good bacteria.

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